【涵鹭】Dampness-dispelling tea 24味湿清茶 - 5g x 30 sachets
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Dampness-removing tea is believed to help balance the body's internal environment by reducing dampness. Some potential benefits associated with dampness-removing tea include:

Improved digestion: Dampness-removing herbs like hawthorn, lotus leaf, and tangerine peel are often used in these teas, which can aid digestion and reduce bloating.

Weight management: The reduction of excess dampness in the body may contribute to weight loss or help maintain a healthy weight.

Detoxification: Some ingredients in these teas, such as Chinese herbs like coix seed and poria cocos, are believed to have detoxifying properties that help eliminate excess fluids and toxins from the body.

Relief from joint pain: Dampness-removing tea may be beneficial for individuals experiencing joint pain or arthritis associated with dampness accumulation in the body.

Improved energy and vitality: By helping to balance the body's internal environment, these teas may boost energy levels and overall vitality.