【Bio-Oon】柠檬酵素醋 Natural Lemon Enzyme Vinegar - 375ml
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Bio-Oon is the 1st manufacturer of 100% natural fermentation enzyme vinegar in Malaysia.


Benefit of concentrate natural lemon enzyme vinegar

-promotes weight loss

-promotes skin wellness

-youthful glow look

-freshens breath

-soothes respiratory problems

-prevent formation of kidney stones

-reduce inflammation

-encourages liver detox

-prevents kidney stones

-soften blood vessels

-lower cholesterol

-decrease blood fats

-stabilizes blood pressure

-control blood sugar level

-improve immunity

-reduce the acidity of the body


-reduce fats


-aids in digestion

-improve constipation

-improve sleep quality

-preventing growth of cancer


no coloring, no artificial flavor, no preservative, no chemical additives


Minimum 540 days natural fermentation


Strictly sterilized and vigilantly tested.


Directions of Use:

Mix 30ml of Bio-Oon enzymes vinegar with 100ml of warm water and stir well, drink after meal.




Bio-Oon 是马来西亚第一家纯天然酵素醋厂家。



- 瘦身

- 美白且抑制黑色素沉积

- 延缓衰老

- 清新口气

- 舒缓呼吸系统

- 净化尿道

- 抗菌消炎

- 清肝消热化痰

- 预防肾结石

- 软化血管

- 减低胆固醇

- 减低血脂

- 平衡血压

- 控制血糖

- 提高免疫力

- 减低体内酸性

- 排毒

- 消脂肪

- 抗氧化

- 帮助消化

- 改善便秘

- 改善睡眠素质

- 抗癌


无人造色素, 无人造調味料, 无防腐剂, 无化學添加劑







30ml Bio-Oon 酵素醋 加入100ml 凉开水,搅拌即可饮用。切记餐后饮用