【Bio-Oon】Light Soy Sauce - 750ml
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Brand Bio-Oon
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Bio-Oon premium light soy sauce 150ml is made from premium non genetically modified organisms GMO soybeans and wheat flour.


Naturally brewed for 240 days according to the traditional method for unparalleled taste, the highest quality sauce and aroma that will delicately enhance the taste of any dish.


- 240 days of natural sun fermentation

- made from non genetically modified soybeans

- ideal for using as dipping sauce. It is also suitable for cooking meat, steam fish and vegetables.


**Goods are not returnable for clean and hygiene purposes**





- 240天天然曝晒发酵酿造而成

- 由严选无基因改造大豆制成,古法手工纯制而成

- 最适合蘸点或烹煮肉类, 鱼类, 素菜, 日本壽司, 蒸鱼, 白切鸡