【燕窝】斗湖花燕窝 Dou Hu Flower Bird's Nest (3 pieces)
Price RM120.00
Brand Yu Yi Herbs
Points Needed 12000

斗湖燕窝蛋白质和矿物质含量特别高!适合任何年龄和体质食用。女士 - 常服会使皮肤润滑、不易衰老男士 - 补肾强肺、不易虚损长者 - 化痰强肺,强身;开胃健脾儿童 - 加强抵抗力,不易伤风感冒孕妇 - 怀孕期间常服用,能加强母体胎儿的免疫能力及产后容易康复Bird’s nest can stimulate cell division and skin growth, thus improving regeneration of cells and boost the immune system and its suitable for everybody.Ladies - Promotes radiant complexion and prevent the effects of aging if taken regularlyElderly - Relieves coughs. Strengthens internal body functions and improves appetiteGentlemen - Strengthens the kidneys and lungs. Invigorates the bodyChildren - Increases the body’s immunityExpectant Mothers - Enhances the immunity of the fetus and speeds up recovery after delivery if taken during the pregnancy period