【Cap Bunga Raya】泡参虫草生鱼精 Essence of fish with Ginseng & Cordyceps
Price RM30.00
Brand Fomec's
Points Needed 3000

功效:增强伤口愈合,收敛生肌,抵抗疾病的功能,健胃利肺,生津止渴,利水消肿服用:本产品内含有两至三片泡参,可将泡参片咬碎, 随同生鱼精一起服食,效果更好。本产品用料纯正, 不含防腐剂及人工色素,可开瓶直接饮用,或者加热后饮用,开瓶后当天饮完为宜。每天一次或二次, 每次一瓶Description:The contents of Fish Essence with Ginseng & Cordyceps is completely natural selected from fresh fish (Sheng Yu), Ginseng, Cordyceps and Chinese Traditional Herbs, there is no added preservative, it is suitable for both sexs in all ages and in all season.Indications:To improve blood circulation after operation and physical weakness, fatigue, regeneration of muscles, women after childbirth.Direction:Consumed the whole bottle of essence once opened. Consume once or twice per day, every time 1 bottle.