【丰美氏 Fomec's】野山泡参蟲草 养生鸡精 Essence of Chicken with Amercian Ginseng & Cordyceps 7's
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Brand Fomec's
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丰美氏野山泡参虫草鸡精是采用新鲜鸡只精华,配上特选野山泡参及冬虫夏草,以高科技技术提炼而成其制造过程严密卫生,绝不含人造色素、味素及防腐剂功效:本产品乃滋补珍品,老少咸宜。其营养丰富,容易被人体吸收 Essence of Chicken with Amercian ginseng & Cordyceps is the use of fresh chicken essence, coupled with special wild 4inseng and Cordyceps sinensis, made of high-tech technologyIts manufacturing process closely hygienic, never containing artificial colors, monosodium glutamate and preservativesIndication:This product is nourishing treasures, young and old. Its nutrient-rich, easily absorbed by the body * 7 bottles inside