【丰美氏 Fomec's】虫草杜仲补腰鸡精 Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps & Eucommiae Bark 70g x 7
Price RM36.00
Brand Fomec's
Points Needed 3600
Availability 60

【Best Before: July 2023】 本产品绝不含人造3素,味素及防腐剂。它可随个人口味喜好,冷热皆宜,即开即喝。请在开瓶后24小时享用。储藏在阴凉干燥处。This product no additional artificial colouring, flavouring and preservatives. It can be consumed directly from the bottle, served chilled or warmed depending on individual's taste. COnsume within 24 hours after opening. Keep in cool and dry place. * 7 bottles inside