【皇龙牌】补腰精 Polygonum Multiflorum, Eucommia Ulmoides & Cordyceps Liquid Plus
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主治: 传统上适用与腰酸背痛,身体虚弱,头昏眼花,食欲不振,健脾益肺,促进血液循环,补充身体元素及强身健体服法: 成人每日饮用三十毫升(约两茶匙),每日两次,饭前或饭后提示:本产品及传统处方,若病痛持续,该请教医生。摇匀后始饮用Indication:Traditionally used for relieving backache, waist-ache, physical weakness, fatigue, dizziness, loss of appetite, to blacken hair, to improve blood circulation and for health.Dosage:30ml to be taken twice a day for adult, before or after meals preferably at breakfastNotes:This is a traditional medicine. If symptoms persist, please consult a doctor. Safe use of ginseng in pregnant women and children has not been established. Do not exceed the stated close. Safety on long term use has not been established. Shake well before consume. Measuring cup is provided.Storage:Keep in dry place and below 30"C. Keep out of reach children