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【富康】猫须茶 The OA Misai Kucing - Orthosiphon Aristatus Tea (Big)
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Brand Fukang
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貓鬚草有消炎和抗氧化作用,常喝可强肾健体,减少尿频、夜尿、口干、尿道发炎、关节炎或膝盖疼痛、尿酸等症。本品味道:芳香甘醇,绝无色素或化学药品,无论是品茗或保健都适合功效:根据研究资料显示,[貓鬚草]传统上用于预防或减轻关节炎、尿道炎、排毒解热及强肾用量:每日1份或2份茶包Orthosiphon Aristatus is traditional use for eliminating toxin and anti-inflammation, it acts as a good diuretic too. This tea is golden in colour and has a sweet and aromatic taste, it does not contain any colouring or chemicalDosage:1 or 2 tea bags per serving dailyPreparation:Place 1 or 2 tea bags into freshly boiled water and soak for 30 minutes before drinking. The same tea bags can be used for several servings.Storage:Store in a dry & cool place, keep out of reach of children