【K-Mom】Baby Bib - 20pcs
Price RM33.00
Brand K-Mom / Mother-K
Points Needed 3300
Availability 3

The safer and easier way to feed your baby How to use: 1. Flip the bottom part and make a spillage pocket 2. Remove the bib over the dotted line by hand 3. When closing Velcro, keep the proper width so that the baby's throat is not chocked. Product feature: 1. K-mom infant bib for convenient and hygienic baby food 2. Waterproof sheets and reverse pockets that can hold moisturize food. 3. Velcro that is easy to attach and detach without any worries 4. Two different design that makes meal time fun 5. Convenient with zipper bag package Caution: 1. Please be careful so that infacts do not bite or swallow the product 2. Avoid direct contact with fire. 3. Use only for original purpose 4. Due to nature of fabric, be careful not to pull the bib as the product may tear when pulled strongly. 5. For safety, please throw the product away after use. There is a risk of clogging when thrown in toilet 6. The product is not breathable, as there is risk of suffocation. 7. If the velcro part touches the garment, a small nap may occur. Becareful not to touch it. 8. You can wash it. 9. Keep away from children and use it under the protection of the caregiver.