【Kokokam】Botanical Tea - 25 sachets
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Kokokam Botanical Tea 25pack ' per box


Product Description


KOKOKAM is a kind of tea with ancient natural herb, high in quality and good for health, using selected

natural herb and ‘green tea’. By using the latest technology and good manufacture practices, the quality of

KOKOKAM including aroma and effects is improved.



KOKOKAM is very suitable for all. It can be considered as a health tonic and a must in your daily like.


KOKOKAM is a product of years of research and experience. The effects include:

1. Removes toxin

2. Prevents Diabetes

3. Improves Urinary System

4. Prevents Kidney Problem

5. Prevents High Blood Pressure

6. Reduces Cholesterol and fat

7. Reliefs and reduces body heat

8. Improves immunity system

9. Slows down aging process and helps maintain youth

10. Reduces Uric Acid



For Obesity, drink 3 to 5 tea daily and make it thicker and stronger. you will see the result after 4 to 5 months if you take it consequently.

For smokers, you are advice to drink it regularly to reduce the nicotine effects that is harmful to our health.


Good Result

At first, you will experience frequent urinating and this will be back to normal. for “arthritis” sufferers,

KOKOKAM will cause discomfort in the joints but after drinking for a few days, it will provide relief.

Daily consume KOKOKAM will enhance your health without causing any side effects.



Place one teabag in a mug 250ml of boiling water and rest it for 5 minutes. Then it is ready to drink.



Serving size: 2.5 gram