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【Rotbackchen】Good Morning - 700ml
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Brand Rotbackchen
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For an optimum all-round nutrition

- For the whole day

- From direct juices with Rotbäckchen quality

- Enriched with 10 vitamins und calcium

A daily serving of 150 ml already covers 23 % of the reference quantity of calcium and 75% of the contained vitamins.


+ Calcium


+ 10 Vitamins


For our muscles to function properly and our bones to remain intact, our body needs sufficient vitamin D and the mineral calcium.



Calcium is called a “macronutrient”, which our body needs in larger amounts every day compare to other minerals. Calcium supports healthy bones and teeth. However, the body cannot produce calcium by itself and it must be supplied regularly through diet.


Vitamin D also helps to maintain healthy bones but also supports many other bodily functions.