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坐月配套 Confinement Care

RM 698.00
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  • 为了保持药材新鲜御医药铺是在接到订单后才开始准备,加上此配套准备过程繁杂,所以请提早两星期以上订购。
  • 每包药材汤烹煮方法不同,配套内将包含烹煮方法。如不明白可随时联络我们。
  • 购买做月配套西马免运费。

Yu Yi Herbs’s Confinement Care Package is specially designed for confinement lady. With the prescription of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, it helps to stimulate the blood circulation, dispel blood stasis and coldness, beauty the skin, strengthen the spleen, soothe the nerves, kidney tonic, improve Qi, enrich the blood, gluten, and bones.

This Confinement Care package is for 4 weeks use, with 28 different herbal soups, including abalones, Japanese scallops, cordyceps and other first grade herbs. Due to the weak body after giving birth, each package of herbal soups are made up with high grade of herbs. In addition, in order to maintain the herbs ‘freshness, we (Yu Yi Herbs) only prepared the package once there is an order.

First Week

ShengHua Soup, CanQi Soup, BuNao Soup, YiShen Soup, TianQi Soup, TiaoJing Soup, YangXue Soup.

Second Week

BuShen Soup, BuYao Soup, DangGui Soup, HuoXue Soup, BaoYu Soup, ShiQuan Soup, BaZhong Soup.

Third Week

YiQi Soup, ShouWu Soup, ChongCao Soup, DangGui Soup, CongRong Soup, AJiao Soup, LingZhi Soup.

Fourth Week

ShuJin Soup, QiCan Soup, LiShen Soup, BuShen Soup, AnShen Soup, RenShen Soup, Zibu Soup


  • In order to keep the freshness of herbs, we only start prepare it after we receive the order. This preparation process will take sometimes, kindly order it two weeks in advance.
  • Each package of herbs is cook differently. We will provide the recipes with cooking methods. If there is any inquiry, you can contact us at anytime.
  • This package is FREE Shipping in Malaysia (West Malaysia).

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