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【万家济】纯天然野山蜂蜜 Pure & Natural Honey 400ml

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万家济纯天然野山蜂蜜适宜配搭送药,蜂蜜滋润可配搭于温药里,使产后妇女补而不燥。此外, 产后妇女可选用万家济纯天然野山蜂蜜加黑芝麻粉用温水冲化,对于产后妇女增强免疫及益气补肾。(糖尿病患者是建议不适宜服用甘甜食品。)

注: 来自于天然的野山蜂蜜不适宜用铁器或高温热的水冲泡,以免破坏蜂蜜里的营养与矿物质'

Ban Kah Chai Pure & Natural Honey is adopted from the particularly rare plants brewing of natural honey. This type of honey is collected from the remote mountains, good quality, and without pollution situation. Start from the steps of collecting honey until bottling process, the product does not added any colorant, artificial flavor and preservative into the product. Moreover, nutrition of honey includes fructose, glucose, trace vitamins, minerals, enzymes and etc. It can be easily absorbed by human body, nourish beauty, slimming and it is a natural foods for human.

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