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【养生茶】双花明目茶 Vision Improvement Tea

RM 35.00




  1. 打开包装把药材倒入保温杯或茶壶里。
  2. 倒入热水,冲泡10-20分钟即可饮用。
  3. 可重复冲泡至味道转淡。(因此茶配搭冰糖,所以二次冲泡须另行加糖,否则味道将会有所不同。)


  • 此包装内有十小包茶。一天一包。
  • 为保持药材新鲜,请收藏于冰箱内。
  • 因个人体质不同,若身体出现异状请询问客服或医生。

Vision Improvement Tea contains 2 different types of chrysanthemum and other herbs which improves vision. Suitable for people who uses the computers for prolonged hours.


  1. Open and place herbal tea pack into Thermo mug or teapot.
  2. Add hot water, wait for 10-20 minutes and consume.
  3. Add hot water until herbal tea become tasteless (Vision Improvement Tea contains rock sugar, therefore, taste may be different after adding hot water, please add sugar to maintain taste).


  • One (1) Health Tea box contains ten (10) Health Tea packets. Consume one (1) packet per day.
  • Keep refrigerated to maintain freshness.
  • Due to different body conditions, if felt uneasy after consumption, please consult a doctor. 

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