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【马玉山 Greenmax】紫山药黑米仁 Yam & Mixed Cereal - 30g x 12packs

RM 25.50

  • 严选原料 Best Choice Ingredients
  • 5种黑色滋养食材 5 Black Diet Ingredients
  • 无防腐剂 No Preservative
  • 香浓甜口味 Sweet Taste
  • 全素食 Vegetarian
  • 无人工色素 No Artificial Colorants
  • 无添加人工香料 No Artificial Flavors Added
  • 高铁 Good Source of Dietary Fiber
  • 高钙 Good Source of Calcium
  • 富含维生素B1 Contains Vitamin B1
  • 含有维生素 A, B2, 铁 Contains Vitamin A, B2, Iron

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