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【HURIX'S】好力清迈深山蜜 Chengmai Honey

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  • 是从环境自然空气清新不受污染之清迈进口,天然及高品质
  • 含有天然之甜味因它不含有任何化学成分、添加物、防腐剂、人造色素或添味料
  • 具有人体所需的天然矿物质及维他命。每天饮用 “好力清迈深山蜜” 亦可解除体内热气,润喉,预防便秘,促进消化等
  • 可用于制作糕饼,菜肴及烘烤。亦可参与麦片、果汁或直接以冷热水冲泡饮用以达到天然的口感
  • 每时每刻男女老少都适合饮用

颜色较深的蜂蜜所含的活性维生素,比颜色较浅的蜂蜜为高。 请保持温度高于12'C,以获得最佳的储存条件

For Nourishing Lungs, Keeps Young and Vitality

Hurix's Chengmai Honey

  • is imported from Chengmai where the place is non-polluted with natural environment.
  • is natural and high quality.
  • gives natural sweet taste as it does not contains any chemical, additive, artificial, preservative, coloring or flavoring.
  • is rich in natural minerals & vitamins that are essential for our body.
  • is an ideal daily drink to relieve body heatiness, soothe throat, constipation and help in digestion.
  • is ideal for waffles, baking, cooking, toasts and grilled. It also can be mixed with cereal, fruits juice or direct stir with cold or hot drink to give you a delicious taste.
  • is suitable for everyone at anytime.

The darker coloured honey has higher active bio-vitamins properties than the lighter one. Please keep temperature above 12'C for best storage condition.

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