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【Kinds】 绿豆莲子糊 Lv Dou Lian Zi Paste - 35g x 8 sachets

RM 13.00

  • Free of Presevatives, Artificial colors, Artificial Flavours

This product is made of high quality raw materials such as mung, lotus seed, Chinese wolfberry, Chinese yam, lilium, red jujube, sesame, walnut, brown rice, banana stem and brown sugar. It has adhering to the traditional tastes and scientific deployment, adopting the modernized food process with combining the advanced production equipment and retain the natural taste. It has fragrant taste and is non-greasy. The nutrition of the drink is easily absorbed, convenient to drink and economic, suitable for all ages of  people.

Directions: Put a sachet of powder into a cup, pour 130ml of 85C - 100C hot boiling water and stir evenly with spoon, serve.

Product of China.

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