【Ready ECO】Biobased Toilet Blue Cleaner - 2 x 80g
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Brand Ready Care
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Ready Eco Biobased Toilet Blue Cleaner is formulated with USDA Biobased Certified formulation with food grade baking soda for tough stains cleaning and prevent limescales with every flush. Every block is blended with Natural Pine Oils and biobased cleaning agent to clean, remove germs, freshen and deodorize every time you flush.


Ingredients: Natural Filler, Plant Derived Surfactant, Food Grade Baking Soda, Pigment, Pine Essential Oil.


* Lasts for 500 flushes per block - based on 24 flushes per day and may vary depending on water temperature, hardness and toilet bowl design.



1. Keep away from children and pets

2. Store in dry and cool places

3. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water and seek appropriate medical advice immediately.


Product Made in Malaysia