【Rotbackchen】Calm & Strength - 700ml
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Brand Rotbackchen
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Relax and gain strength

- For small, refreshing everyday breaks

- With magnesium and vitamin B6

- Based on direct juices with the best Rotbäckchen quality

Just a daily portion of 200 ml covers 32% of the daily serving of magnesium and 50% of vitamin B6.


+ Magnesium


+ Vitamin B6


Everyday family life can be stressful and sometimes you need some time out to relax and recharge your batteries. Rotbäckchen Calm & Strength can help with the mineral magnesium and vitamin B6.



Magnesium is called a bulk element of which our body needs a larger quantity on a daily basis compared to other minerals. However, our body cannot produce magnesium by itself and it must thus be supplied regularly through diet. It then contributes to the normal functioning of our nervous system, for example.



Vitamin B6 is one of eight B vitamins, which have different tasks in the body. Vitamin B6 helps reduce fatigue and tiredness.