【Rotbackchen】Immune - 700ml
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Brand Rotbackchen
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Healthy in every season

- With zinc and vitamin C to support the immune system

- Direct juice with Rotbäckchen quality

- For every weather – tasty warm or chilled

Just a daily portion of 200 ml covers 30% of the daily serving for zinc and 200% of vitamin C.


+ Vitamin C


+ Zinc


For our immune system to function effectively, our body needs both sufficient zinc and vitamin C.



Zinc is an important “trace element”, called such because it only occurs in small amounts in the body. However, the body cannot produce zinc and it must be supplied regularly through diet. It can then contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system, among other things.



Vitamin C can contribute to the functioning of the immune system as well - but it also has many other functions in the body. For example, it helps to reduce fatigue and tiredness and protects the cells from oxidative stress.



Our Rotbäckchen Immune contains these two important nutrients.