【药材汤】六味汤 Six Herbs Soup
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Brand Yu Yi Herbs
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食用方法 (4-5人份):将配料洗净放入煲内,加入6-7碗清水用猛火煮沸,加肉类炖2个小时即可。此汤也可当凉水饮用,只要不放肉类,用冰糖调味就可以了。 

Liu Wei Soup is good to improve appetite, revitalize the spleen, relieve heatiness and enhance ying energy。 Ingredients: Yu Zhu, Lian Zhi, Qian Shi, Longan, Huai Shan, Bai He, Xue Er 

Method (Serving for 4-5 persons): Rinse all the ingredients well. Place the ingredients into the pot. Add in 6-7 bowls of water, bring the water to a boil. Add in meat and cook over low heat for 2 hours. Ready to serve. 

This soup also can serve as desserts, don't add in meat and add sugar for seasoning.